Sunday, June 19, 2011

6/20 Whats been going on?

What's good ya'll? It's definitely been a while but none the less there has been work done. We've started releasing new music this year little by little that started creating a reaction from the people. The first was a track entitled "Our Turn" that featured good friend of mine "Day" who has a video releasing this weekend. The song was such an inspirational beauty if you ask me. Please take some time and let a great behind the scenes soak to see how we all got down in the studio to make this magic happened. Then after, check the link that follows to hear how the record came out: <---Check the song out!!! Once this record released, another good friend of mine "M. Island" got together for our long awaited collaborative effort "We Here" that didn't just feature "Day" from the last record mentioned but also "Tess" who I've posted songs and videos of in the past who we will touch on again in this particular blog. Just as before, check out the behind the scenes of that record as well who if I may add was both shot by "Azzie Direct Films" again another name we will touch on a little later in the blog: Below check out the end product and pass it along because it's enough to shake things up for the summer:

By this point, things started cooking in a major way believe it or not which lead to us going on location to film 2 official music videos in one month. The first was for our song "Crystal Ax" that can be found on our Bugnanas LP shot and directed by "Azzie Direct Films" and what a director is he!!!! before we touch on his wonderful skills as a director, get a feel of his work by a dope display of love he directed for our homie, Bradd Marquis's "I want be in love" from his "Authentic" album:
I tell you one can not be mad at this!!!

Back to "Crystal Ax", He was able to display such an in your face video that was so "EXPLOSIVE" to say the least!!! In his words nothing less than "Organized Chaos" I also can't forget the added art direction from Photographer,"Katie Piper" who definitely a part of the team to make this reality even more real. Two weeks we linked up with director "J Sun" who had shot our "We Goin" video who delivered such a wonder narrative to a song of our entitled, "Cosmic Strawberries" featuring "Tess" that described the struggle us artists go through to create the music we do and present to you all. It's certainly not a joyride though through pain, still provides a wisdom and joy in the end. In the grand scheme these two videos closed out our Bugnanas album for now while we are back in the lab creating the new Bugnanas coming soon this year.

Can't end all this work without a celebration!!! Once both videos were edited we decided to present both videos to the world exclusively as a "Double Video Screening." We figured no one has ever done something to that extent so we wanted to take the envelope there. Check out the celebration for yourselves...Provided by "Hello Young Entertainment":

Two days after this wonderful screening, we debuted "Crystal Ax" and it looked a little something like this:

What do you think? Also, we could not have had the colors in that video popping and so intensely vivid without one of the top colorist in the game, "Eric Alvarado" Who also colored "Tess' Feenin' video below. Check his reel:

Did you see any familiar faces? In order to compete at times you need the best. So while "Crystal Ax" is doing what it has to do, A month later we released "Cosmic Strawberries" and looked sort of like this:

Beautiful isn't it? I am not even trying to be biased or anything but its just real. At least to me and those that have been following...Looks like we been going in and we don't plan on stopping either because the response has been really positive!!! The people are watching and we want them to continue!!!

Then to just keep it team oriented, a week later "Tess" released her last video for her "Tess goes Jodeci" project entitled, "Feenin" directed by Salvador my personal favorite. Check out the sexy cut with such emotional scenes that is so worth the appreciation:

Crazy right? she also had a celebration for that was pretty fly:

See...What else can be said the team gets busy and there is only more to come. Our Peoples "Jus Cuz" has a new video on the way, "Hold Up" directed by "Azzie Direct Films" that could only shake things up a bit. Hey every now and again we need a little shake to put us in perspective again!!! Stay tuned...

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

2/15 Raekwon Shaolin VS Wu Tang (official vidio)

There are no RZA beats, but a cohesive Wu sound it still achieved by the likes of Scram Jones, Erick Sermon, Cilvaringz, Bronze Nazareth, DJ Khalil, Sean C & LV, Alchemist, Allah Mathematics, Evidence, and more. As far as features go, Method Man, Ghostface Killah, Inspectah Deck, Estelle, Busta Rhymes, Jim Jones, Nas, Raheem DeVaughn, Lloyd Banks, Rick Ross, Black Thought, GZA, and Killah Priest all make appearances. Very thorough album y’all all should be checking for when it drops in March (the Nas and Black Thought featured song especially stood out). The album is thematic in a sense, in that it follows the flow of the movie it’s named after (one of the dopest Kung Fu flicks EVER!). Watch the Konee Rok directed video for the title track, above.

Monday, February 14, 2011

2/14 Chester Gregory New Vid "If U Only"

I am please to present from my good Chester Gregory, his new video "If U Only". I honestly don't even know how he had the time to shoot it because he is on his grind in a major way. He has been touring the globe on behalf of the "Dream Girls" musical and has now has signed on to do Whoopi Goldberg's "Sista Act"musical. So big things are definitely in the works. When he isn't doing performing, he is to me simply a brilliant artist. Please take the time to check his dope visual creation which is an acoustic version of the original version you could find on his last release "In Search Of Higher Love" Enjoy!!!

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

2/9 Mini Documentary of Our Unit

For those who know us, we started all as performers who met along the way on the scene and became great friends who supported each other whether through song, stage or as simple as having an issue in our personal lives and lending an ear or help in others ways when aid was needed. At times we would be blessed enough to have a bill where almost the whole collective gets to shine together. This particular event we did at the "R Bar" we got to do just that. It was a remarkable experience. Especially since we have been promoting our own projects and moving in all directions, it was great to finally re-group and make something happen together again. It won't be the last but for now enjoy us here...Keep your eyes open because we are definitely around!!!

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

1/26 The Floacist “Let Me”

Oh My!!! This video is crazy!!!!! Big ups to artistic freedom!!! This is a Beautiful record and I am not saying this because of its "not safe for work" visuals lolol...All I can do is imagine her tell me those things in my ear..lolol.Please check out another wonderful rendition of what love is being said from the mouth of the Floacist!!! I can not guide you astray with this one..Enjoy!!!

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Versis “The Journey (4U)”

This video comes from a new cat on the scene name "Versis". I like his style and think you guys will as well. Always good to have a new cat pass through with refreshing styles..Rock On!!! Versis!! I'm watching... Enjoy!!!! after you peep the latest video, jump over and check the first video from the 19yr old emcee's current "Illcandescent" album entitled "The need."

1/25 Two new Talib Kweli videos

Well you can see that Talib Kweli hasn't stopped working since his last release with DJ Hi-Tek. These two videos are for his next release entitled "Gutter Rainbows." I can truly say that the hard working get it and Kweli has shown nothing less than determination and growth since he first appeared on the seen with "Black Star." He has really risen to a point to be considered once of "Them" with over 10 years in the game and still solid as the rest of them. One can only respect that and salute that as well. Enjoy!!!